Lagom – Made to measure

Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Design, News
Lagom – Made to measure

The “VKSI Magazin” aims at the rather distinct species of software engineers. Their work often stays under cover – especially if it is done well. The importance of “Quality” in the context of software engineering is being discussed in this issue. As always, its design and style were realized by Jochen Härtel.

“Lagom originates in the Swedish language.The expression is frequently used and carries a complex meaning, in the way of just right, adequate. Skandinavist Beatrice Kindler explains how linguists see the term’s provenance: ‘It is widely believed that the origins lie in old Viking traditions, such as the campfire. Everybody in these campfire’s circles shared one single cup; to avoid disagreement and quarrel, each person was assigned to drink only their share and to provide for the rest of the circle, laget om. This is where lagom originates.’ The term fits everything, from food, speed or temperature to moments, and so forth. It also finds an apt use in describing work effort that is ‘just right’ and ‘adequate’ – to be neither a nerd nor a sluggard. Pareto however is used to describe a common ratio, and an inadequacy. Towards the end of the 18th century Vilfredo Pareto, the expression’s name giver, found out that 20% of the families in Italy possessed 80% of the national wealth. From this he deduced that the banks should dedicate themselves first and foremost to those 20%. Later on, his discovery found its use in the 80-20 rule, according to which a business will generate 80% of its turnover with 20% of its clients; and furthermore, that 80% of a project’s results will be achieved in 20% of overall time… in turn, the remaining 20% will consume 80% of overall time…”

Excerpt from: VKSI-Magazin #6 issue theme craftsmanship, article »Nachlese«, by Dr. Susann Mathis, p. 26, Karlsruhe 2012


The “Verein der Karlsruher Software-Ingenieure” (Association of Software Engineers of Karlsruhe) is being supported by Dr. Susann Mathis and Jochen Härtel since its foundation

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